gas line repair

Gas line repairs always require a professional plumber and a permit. Never attempt to repair gas lines yourself. If you think you might have a gas line leak, sniff for the tell-tale odor of sulfur. This sulfur or rotten egg odor is added to natural gas to help you smell when you might have a gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, get all humans and pets out of the home or business immediately and call 911. Unlike a leaky faucet that can wait until it’s convenient for you, a gas leak can never wait and is always an emergency. A gas leak can result in a fire or an explosion in the building or home. Never take chances with a potential gas leak.

Once the lines are turned off by emergency personnel, your Williamson’s Rooter & Plumbing professional can obtain the proper permit and set about testing the gas lines to find the gas leak and repair it or replace the gas lines, if necessary. We’re also available for emergency line testing/inspection and repair, so call us right away if you have a gas line emergency. We can repair or replace gas lines for your generator, barbeque, gas stove/oven, cook top, water heater, clothes dryer, fireplace, lanterns, boiler, furnace, pool and hot tub heaters. We can obtain the proper permits for your gas line repair or replacement project and we get the job done right the first time.

Our professional plumbers are also trained in gas line repair and replacement for commercial locations such as restaurants and eateries. We’re qualified to work on gas lines for commercial stoves, ovens and ranges as well as other gas-powered commercial appliances. When you need gas line testing or inspection, Williamson Rooter & Plumbing is your first call. We can test and inspect your lines and get the proper permits to complete any repairs or replacement needed. From permit to flame, we take care of your repair and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.